Гэфни Патриция

Безумная черта

 / Mad Dash  2007г
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Безумная черта. Гэфни Патриция
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It started with a puppy…

The poor thing was cold and trembling, abandoned on their back door step. Dash, with her usual impulsive spirit, decided on the spot that they’d keep it. But her husband, Andrew, thinks it’s the craziest thing he’s ever heard. Admittedly, a fight over a puppy hardly seems like grounds for Dash’s decision to run out of the house, and out of their 20-year marriage, but the puppy was just the last of many straws…She’s tired of the faculty parties at Mason-Dixon College that Andrew insists they attend even though he won’t mingle with his colleagues, of the constant fretting about illnesses he doesn’t have, of the glass of warm milk he must have before bed. And can’t he see that with her mother gone and their daughter off at college maybe Dash needs something more?

Now, living on her own for the first time in years, Dash feels she can do whatever she wants . . . if only she could figure out what she wants to do. But every time she starts making plans for the future, she finds herself thinking about the past—remembering her mother, her daughter’s childhood, and the husband she isn’t entirely sure she wants to leave behind.

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